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The Fuzz-Fuzz worm

About the author & creator

Jennifer Lindridge is an American-South African-Canadian citizen. (Whew!)

She grew up in both Atlanta, Georgia in the United States, and in Port Elizabeth,
South Africa.

She is an award-winning graphic designer who has owned, managed and sold two advertising agencies.

Since retiring, she spends a good deal of her time rescuing and fundraising for animals in need. She currently has eleven, much-loved rescue dogs of various shapes, sizes, ages and disabilities.

They are always on top of her. Even while writing this book.

Jennifer, her husband, and zoo live in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

The Fuzz-Fuzz is her first book, and Bedtime Stories ™ her brainchild.

How did the Fuzz-Fuzz come about?

Jennifer wrote The Fuzz-Fuzz in 2006, after one day being struck by the idea of a book comprised of, as far as possible, completely nonsensical words.

After that, she pretty much forgot about it, and it and its characters went into quiet hibernation.

During the second COVID-19 lockdown at the beginning of 2021, Jennifer dusted the story off, re-read it, and decided it was worth following up.

She submitted the manuscript to Penguin Random House South Africa, and two weeks later got a thumbs-up.

And now here it is! Ready for reading!

How did Bedtime Stories™ come about?

With decades-long experience in advertising, design and marketing, and being a person with a curious, enquiring mind, Jennifer always takes an idea to its logical conclusion. And what goes better with a bedtime book than matching pajamas?

So Bedtime Stories™ was born.

Books and co-ordinating 100% cotton pajamas for boys and girls, make bedtime one of the happiest, most tender, bond-building moments of the day for you and your little person. Snuggle up and let imagination sweep them away!

Night-night, sleep tight!

Jennifer’s second book, also published by Penguin Random House South Africa, is scheduled for release in 2022.

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