Hello, 2022! Lots of New for Your Kids and You!

  • 2022-01-10

Well hello there, 2022… the year I shall be referring to as Plenty-Plenty-New! 

You may or may not know that this year is the Year Of The Tiger. How appropriate this is for our feline, adorably-striped, little Fuzz-Fuzz.

So where to now? 

Back to work. Back to school. And on to new adventures. 

From our side, we have such exciting things for you and your little ones this year. 

The Fuzz-Fuzz has been very busy creating the cutest new merchandise, including purses, hair accessories, badges and more. Perfect small gifts or rewards for little people doing their best in school and life.

There’s also a Fuzz-Fuzz activity book headed your way. It’s 1 part colouring book, 3 parts imagination, and 6 parts your child! It’s a wonderful tool to engage and expand your child’s imagination and teach them how to think outside the box. Beyond reading and writing, lateral thinking is such an important life-skill. Whatever they’re going to grow up to be, having the ability to think and see beyond the obvious will help them excel in their chosen field. So, they can never start developing their creative side too soon. Reading is a massive part of this journey. So is getting creative on paper. We’ll be talking a lot more about developing this skill through the year, and giving you practical ways of facilitating its development. 

This year, there’s also another new book! I won’t say too much about this yet, but it’s fun, wonderful and entirely happy. Hint: if you love dogs, you will adore this! It’s release date is expected to be around April 2022. But we will keep you posted and notified. 

Easter is the next big break and holiday, and we’ll be offering more fun, and affordable Easter basket fillers and gifts for those that aren’t too keen on giving their little people too much candy or chocolate. Personally, I have no problem with chocolate. None! In fact, I find that it has helped me solve many problems. Well, that and naps! (Perhaps chocolate should be mandatory consumption for world leaders, because who can possibly be in a bad mood with their favourite sweet stuff nearby?) 

So, here we are, standing on the very first pages of a whole new story. How exciting to have 365 blank pages to write just as we please! 

I’m sure there will be some errors along the way, and while the undo button doesn’t function in real-life, real-world Tipp-Ex exists as sincere apologies and heartfelt hugs. I hope though, that your year doesn’t need too much correction fluid, but that it is instead filled with good, page-turning adventures, and peaceful nights. Carry on reading to your little ones and giving them a send-off into sweet dreams too.

Here’s hoping 2022 has plenty-plenty good and wonderful new for you! 

Keep reading, Keep imagining.