Mom’s Day, and Adopting…Not Shopping! x

  • 2022-04-25

Mothers Day Activity - card

First… It’s MOTHER’S DAY on Sunday, 8 May. We’re taking a mom-ent to ‘paws’ and celebrate all the sacrifices, joy, effort, love, constant worry and encouragement that moms out there pour into their little people. And for parents of fur-kids, we celebrate you too! For the humans though, we have a colour-in card for your little one to deliver / post / scan in and email to grandma or other mom-persons. Find it here.

 Now… let’s talk adoption. 

I think sometimes shelters can feel overwhelming. All those animals need homes, and one simply cannot help them all. That’s ok. I’m sure you’re familiar with the story of the beach covered in washed-up starfishes? A man is walking along and throwing them back out to sea as he goes. Another man sees this and asks, “Why do you bother? You cannot possibly help them all.” The man replies, “No. I can’t, but I made a difference to this one.” And he sends another starfish back out to sea. 

I think that’s the point about life really. It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed by all there is that needs fixing and saving. I don’t have to do it all. Neither do you. But for that one animal you do help, you make a difference. Even this blog. Maybe one person reads it and it gets them thinking. Then I’ve made a difference. All of us working together doing our small bits together creates great change. 

 So on a practical level, ways you can get involved in rescue is to take your children once a month (or more) to visit the animals. Young children don’t see the sadness the same way we do, they see the joy of those beautiful animals. And they LOVE volunteering! My nephew loves cats and loves visiting those in shelters in search of good homes. They love the opportunity to cuddle the dogs and cats, or take a less boisterous dog for a walk. This is not only great interaction for the animals, but for the child as well. It teaches them empathy, gentleness, kindness. It teaches the importance of caring for others. And it acclimatizes them to animals and teaches them not to fear them. It’s also a gentle way to introduce them to the fact that not everyone and everything in life is fortunate. Not everything is a fairy tale. It’s a wonderful way to turn them into a helper so that they too can go on into the world and make a difference. 

So, why not choose your favourite charity this month and pay them a visit over a weekend. I promise you, they will love it, you will love seeing you child engage with animals, and you’ll be making a difference in your corner of the world! 

The Fuzz-Fuzz agrees! 

Don’t forget to take a pic of your little animal-lover, tag us, and let us feature them making the world a better place! 

So, that’s it from me for now. 

See you in June.

Jennifer xoxo